A glossary of terms related to walking. Compiled by the community.

Glossary of walking art

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as far as the day goes.
Submitted by: Alec Finlay

walking library
A library filled with books suggested as good to take for a walk. (Deirdre Heddon & Misha Myers, 2012)
Submitted by: Deirdre Heddon

Walking the Pipe
Travelling on foot nearby and/or along the Elan Valley Aqueduct
Submitted by: Kate Green

A workshop with walking at its focus.
Submitted by: James Cunningham

When the mind & body are casting about together, questioning encountering & discovering.
Submitted by: Maryclare Foa

A journey which will include walking as an essential component, the object of is to become lost.
Submitted by: Bill Aitchison

one who sets out to see where the way takes her IN PRAISE OF WALKING 40 'definitions' by THOMAS A. CLARK 1988
Submitted by: Elspeth Owen

to wobble about (precariously) – I did some of that on the ice today
Submitted by: Karen Smith

v - to twist and turn
Submitted by: Janette Kerr

WIDOW’S WALK (also WIDOW’S WATCH and ROOFWALK) A railed platform on the roof of a house. The term is sometimes said to derive from the habit of women using them as vantage points for looking out to sea for their lost mariner husbands.
Submitted by: Rob Cowan - Dictionary of Urbanism

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