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Glossary of walking art

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(Turkish) It connects taban (meaning sole in English) and the English word way, thus meaning sole-way.
Submitted by: Nazlı Tümerdem

The Walking Institute
A peripatetic school for the human pace - it explores, researches and celebrates the human pace by bringing walking and other journeying activities together with arts and other cultural disciplines and people from all walks of life.
Submitted by: Claudia Zeiske

The artist walks like a „Flâneur“ through the city. He does not have a turtle with him (as the original Parisian Flâneur of the 1830‘s used to); later, he does not write stories, he does not write poems.rnHe has only a video camera. He takes shots of the city; he takes shots of the “life” of the people of the city, sometimes he also shoots “himself” (...without camera moves, without zooming, without special lighting, with original sound, without permission); rnrnlater he chooses and combines the scenes, rninstalls and presents them online, offline, on site or off site rnalways under different contexts...
Submitted by: Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos & Anthea Miller

Thumberol Gongquod
"making love with the soles of your feet”’ - John Cowper Powys, from his novel Porius, page 465, where in his imagined language of the aboriginal Cewri of Cader Idris, “Gongquod” means “the earth”, and “thumberol” means “to tread amorously”.
Submitted by: Jane Harwood

To Diddle , or Diddling around
Wandering, getting side tracked , following the breeze , stalking a butterfly, wondering a lot , being completely in the transient moment
Submitted by: Maryclare Foa

|ˈtraktəˌvizəm|. noun A field of activist performance that utilises walking and moving and talking in rural landscapes to address issues of environmental, social or political concern (Jess Allen)
Submitted by: Deirdre Heddon

A drawing made on an outside environment Trafitti combines the word Graffiti: to inscribe a surface, Trace (which itself combines the meanings track, to make ones way, and) to draw, and Traffic: the passage of people or vehicles in transit, or the conveyance of messages or data through a communications system.
Submitted by: Maryclare Foa

Traipsing / to traipse
from Yorkshire
Submitted by: Karen Smith

v – walk: He's traivelled mony a lang gaet
Submitted by: Janette Kerr

across the hills, to me implies some intent to go further than usual, still with no real aim except to feel the ground beneath my feet and breath the free air
Submitted by: Morag Paterson

One who enjoys vistas and views, see ‘tourist’.
Submitted by: Alec Finlay

Trodding / to trod
from Yorkshire
Submitted by: Karen Smith

Mix of trudge & slog. In Lancashire we “trog up t’hill”.
Submitted by: Karen Alderson

walking and talking (often employed during a walkshop)
Submitted by: Stephen Hodge

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