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Glossary of walking art

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a fictitious British government ministry responsible for developing silly walks through grants.
Ministry of Silly Walks from Monty Python's Flying Circus
Submitted by: Kel Portman

to walk about; to walk at a relaxed pace
Submitted by: Petra Johnson

This word sounds like it refers to the action of a rude ruffian: walking smack dab in front of someone. Actually, the word is as polite as a pancake: In the 1600s, anteambulate referred to walking in front of someone to show them the way, like an usher. Credits to Mark Peters for these words mentioned in his article, see this.
Submitted by: Geert Vermeire

Old Swedish word that refers to moving by foot when there are not any other form of transportation available: car, bus, bike….
Submitted by: Juanma Gonzalez

Apostlahästar - with translation
Swedish word fot feet. Translated it means "horses of the apostles" referring to the apostles traveling on foot.
Submitted by: Anna

the field of study of the architect-walker
Submitted by: Stephen Hodge

a person who walks with architecture in mind, and who thinks, moves and (re)configures the world accordingly
Submitted by: Stephen Hodge

This rare word comes to us from translations of Greek playwright Aristophanes: It literally means to walk on the air, but actually means to walk as if on air. What a perfect word for buoyant sauntering, after, say, receiving good news. Credits to Mark Peters for these words mentioned in his article, see this.
Submitted by: Geert Vermeire

Attentive Walking
A method of walking and attending to experienced environment that is free, open and 'without agenda'*. (Not to be confused with the idleness of flaneurie or the intentions of attitudinal walking.) rn(*Overall, 'Walking against the current', 2016)
Submitted by: Sonia Overall

attitudinal walking
for walks/walking practices employing one or more conscious intentions or attitudes
Submitted by: Sonia Overall

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