A glossary of terms related to walking. Compiled by the community.

Glossary of walking art

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Fat Man's Folly
A narrow gap in a drystone wall or rock face ie one a fat man would be foolish to try to get through. A number exist in the Lake District bearing that specific name but it is also a general term in Cumbria for any narrow gap.
Submitted by: Alan Cleaver

The first person across the threshold on New Years eve (bringing good luck and carrying objects such as coal, a coin, salt, drink and song). Quaaltagh or qualtagh in Manx Gaelic.
Submitted by: Louise Ann Wilson

n - a footstep: I widna geng a fitstramp owre da door efter her
Submitted by: Janette Kerr

“Icelandic culture is infused with stories of travel. When names were needed for modern machines, the technology that enables our imaginations to travel, words were chosen that centred on the quality of roaming. Thus the neologism for laptop is fartölva, formed from the verb far, meaning to migrate, and tölva – migrating computer’; its companion, the external hard drive, is a flakkari. The latter word can also mean ‘wanderer’ or ‘vagrant’. In the end it’s the wanderers we rely on.” Nancy Campbell ‘The Library of Ice’ (Scribner UK, 2018: page 232)
Submitted by: Ruth Broadbent

Means of transport by foot; or portable device exploited to encourage walking.
Submitted by: Misha Myers

Found Actions
Actions that people engage in - including walking - extracted from everyday life and inspected in isolation. After the method of using 'ready-made' objects or 'Found Objects'.
Submitted by: Patrick Ford

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