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Glossary of walking art

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to work or walk hurriedly. from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982). Many of these terms are from the 17th-century and were brought to Newfoundland with the settlers from England (the majority were from Wessex, mainly the counties of Dorset and Devon), and from Ireland (the majority were from a 30-mile radius of the city of Waterford). These terms survived here in Newfoundland after falling out of use in their original countries.
Submitted by: Marlene Creates

In terms of negotiating ice underfoot, here in Quebec the Anglos don’t have the same lovely language as the Newfounders. We certainly shuffle. Another s word! We take small sliding steps, weight forward, no heel planting but full foot down. We think of it as a penguin walk (somthing you can visualize) — and are often attired in puffy warm dark clothing reminiscent of said sweet creatures.
Submitted by: Kathleen Vaughan

To 'slape' off…slippery, also from Icelandic – to become fee, to escape, to get off. It is thought possible that the Yorkshire dialect forms had the early meaning ‘to slip away’. Also in Yorkshire – slape ale is a free ale or a beer bought for you by someone else.
Submitted by: Karen Smith

Sleepwalking / somnambulism
Walking while asleep.
Submitted by: Louise Ann Wilson

(West Cornwall, slang) A walk of any notable distance. It's quite a way - "That's some (or brerm) stank". Fancy a hike? "Fancy a stank? "Where is he? "Oh, out stanking (walking)".
Submitted by: Chris Sawle

Suriashi-marche féminine
A project where performance and urban society are investigated from within a Japanese practice called suriashi (which translates as ‘creeping/rubbing/sliding foot’).
Submitted by: Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt

Surrogate walk/walker
A walk undertaken on behalf of someone who can no longer walk.
Submitted by: Louise Ann Wilson

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