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Glossary of walking art

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a walk with someone, me and ...or alone
Submitted by: Norma D Hunter / Meandors 2009 ( collection of short walks booklet)

what a wayfarer brings back and lays out on a table to tell of where she has been meow IN PRAISE OF WALKING 40 'definitions' by THOMAS A. CLARK 1988
Submitted by: Elspeth Owen

"Midway on our life’s journey, I found myself In dark woods, the right road lost.” (Dante)
Submitted by: Peter Jaeger poet and author of \'Midamble\'

moonlight saunter
A two-step ballroom dance from the 1930's, adapted for making progress during the cycle of a blue moon. Suitable for round-the-year gliding. Always useful in a tight corner.
Submitted by: Elspeth Owen

an unhurried (urban) walk, and “mosey over to...” to walk over and investigate something, to go and have a look, to have a gander - a mosey and a shufty alt: One of my personal favourites is ‘mosey’, which betrays my childhood watching old western movies on television. Folks would mosey on down to the saloon, or whatever. Origin unknown. I use ‘mosey’ with my dog, to suggest a shared outing whose goal is exploratory pleasure (both of us), rather than a quick pee (him). It’s a word we share and that he recognizes means some joint fun: with all my own work about walking and various associated discussions, I wanted a term that would be special for him — and not have him perking to attention at every mention of “w-a-l-k”!
Submitted by: Melissa Bliss & Kathleen Vaughan

Mynd am dro
(Welsh/Cymraeg) meaning to 'take a turn' i.e. go for a walk. Which leads me to to take a turn, as it appears in Jane Austen etc i.e. let us take a turn round the garden. Not quite the same meaning as the Welsh.
Submitted by: vcp

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