We are a family run business that develops and delivers walking events with a creative twist. Our walks and ‘walkshops’ (walking workshops) are mainly artist led, depending on the event you choose there will be a mix of drawing, learning and making. Our focus is to be creative using walking as the art form. Participants come and explore an area, learn something new and develop skills. Group participation is fun and stimulating and you will be part of a walking performance. ‘The art is in taking part‘ which we call ‘walking creatively‘.

Here in the UK COVID restrictions have been lifted, so once the weather picks up in April, we will be delivery events on the ground, before then and concurrently we will continue to run on-line events on our sister site at WalkListenCreate.

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WALKING (2022) – an anthology of poetry and stories on on the theme of “Walking Home” has just been published – you can buy a copy from the walk listen create shop for €4.99 + P&P  – buy here

A 24 page A6 illustrated chapbook published by Sampson Low Publishers ISBN:978-1-912960-95-8 €4.99 +p&p includes writing by Ines R Amado, Sue Dawes, Kim V Goldsmith, Mark Goodwin, Helen Harradine, Megan Hicks, Tony Horitz, Jan Howcroft, Cheryl Markosky, Marcelle Newbold, and David Thompson.

Edited by Chris Bestwick and illustrated by Alban Low. All net proceeds support future Sound Walk Septembers.

Canopy – published in support of the Urban Tree Festival:

An anthology of poems and stories for the Urban Tree Festival 2021. A 28 page A6 illustrated chapbook published by Sampson Low Publishers ISBN:978-1-912960-69-9 £4.50 +p&p includes writing by Gabriel Burrow, Alison Clark, Georgia Cook, Chris Cuninghame, Charis Fox, Sandra Horn, Peter Isaacson, Sarah McPherson, Tom Raw, E.E. Rhodes, Robert Seatter, Andrew Simms, Rachel Sloan and Sarah Wheeler. Edited by Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone and illustrated by Alban Low. All net proceeds support future Urban Tree Festivals. The publication received support from the Mayor of London. Buy here

If you would like us to develop a walking event tailored to your needs read more here about our pricing, or if you would like to collaborate in developing one, then please read more here and contact us via this form.

Ticket pricing and bookshop purchases: We have installed WP Event manager as our main ticketing platform – this means that you do not pay a booking fee when you purchase a ticket through our website.  We absorb the transaction cost. We occasionally use Eventbrite as a ticket booking platform, this takes a commission via a booking fee which is why the final ticket price may appear higher than that we advertise. As these booking fees are dynamic we are unable to establish the fee and publish it. We are charged a banking fee by PayPal for processing all ticket purchases, however, we absorb this cost.

For our sales through the bookshop, if you choose to pay other than by PayPal, we have a Stripe account, and the charges for which we absorb.  All shop sales will come with an additional postage and packing charge, which may change depending on quantity of items purchased and the destination to which they will be sent.

This means that paying through WP Event ManagerPayPal for your tickets will be at the price we advertise, and you won’t be charged a booking fee. For further details on Offers, pricing and refunds please see here.

We are building our website, so bear with us as we get our on-line presence ‘ship-shape’.