Soundmarks (2019)

Walking piece - Rose Ferraby and Rob St John

Aldborough, York, UK
Multiple locations

Soundmarks is a collaboration between Rob St John and Rose Ferraby, who are using sound and visual art to explore and animate the sub-surface landscape at Aldborough Roman Town, North Yorkshire. An art trail is being created at the site. At eight sites along its route, sonic and visual bore holes will excavate materials and features, resonating the archaeological and geological; small histories and monumental changes. As visitors explore the trail, they will not only be engaging with the archaeological landscape, but also the ways in which we can explore and imagine invisible, below-ground worlds.

The soundtracks for each site will be available free online, and the map will be both digital and analogue, combining archaeological mapping with visual art. Rob St John will be producing an LP – his first since the acclaimed Surface Tension – available alongside a limited edition artists book.

An exhibition of the visual art and sound piece will be held at Aldborough 24-31 August 2019, and will then be going on tour. Rob and Rose are also hosting a seminar on art, archaeology and the sub-surface, and running a series of workshops (details on the website).

Soundmarks is funded by Arts Council England, in partnership with English Heritage, Friends of Roman Aldborough and the Aldborough Roman Town Project.

Available after August 24, 2019

geo-located Listening Site-specific

Submitted by: Rose Ferraby

Latest update: 19 Aug 2019