Walking pieces

Safety is of the utmost importance. These ‘walking pieces’ have been submitted by Third parties. We asked them not to choose hazardous routes, or to include defamatory content. We have not been able to check risks associated with the walks submitted – please take care. When using headphones / smartphone it is all too easy to become so absorbed that you forget about what is happening around you or where you are treading – please act responsibly.

108 (2019)

Walking piece - NG Bristow

Multiple locations

ONE OH EIGHT / TWIN GEOLOCATED AUDIO DRAMAS   To listen in situ, go to Echoes.xyz or download the app from the AppStore or Google Play. Download the app (and the audio drama via the app) BEFORE you board the 108 bus. To listen at home, see the audio players below. Recorded in binaural sound – […]

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1831 Riot! (2018)

Walking piece - The Regional History Centre at the University of the West of England, Bristol are hosting this updated version.

Queen Square, Bristol, UK
Multiple locations

Queen Square in Bristol was host to one of Bristol’s historic riots, which you can now explore with this GPS-triggered audio play – which was a world first when it was first made in 2004. Move around Queen Square to hear the sounds of the riot, as the story unfolds around you. This version of […]

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A Knocking Bird (2013)

Walking piece - Geert Vermeire

Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

A Knocking Bird was an urban e-culture project, based on walking the city and its nature,  focusing on the relation between inhabitants of the city and birds, resulting in a sound walk for smartphones, going along with art performance as a method of  interaction, participation and communication with place/people and as a research for the […]

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A Song for Fifty Hearts (2008)

Walking piece - Duncan Speakman

Wells, UK

Duncan Speakman’s ‘A Song for Fifty Hearts‘ was created for the year long public art project Palace Intrusions in Wells in Somerset. Duncan made a number of visits to Wells to find, record and compose his responses to a circular walk around the Palace walls. The final composition, ‘Song for Fifty Hearts’ was the result […]

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A walk with Kazantzakis (2017)

Walking piece - Geert Vermeire

Plaka, Athens, Greece

A performative soundwalk in Athens, actors interpreting Report to Greco by Kazantzakis, carrying their path in small bags, leaving a trace of sand through the old part of Athens, together with the walkers receiving a portable bluetooth speaker, triggered by approaching locations on the trajectory. Walkers become sound carriers of imaginary and real travels in […]

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A/drift (2019)

Walking piece - The Demolition Project

Museum of London Docklands, Hertsmere Road, London, UK
Multiple locations

A/Drift is a walk in a virtual world. It starts and ends at the entrance hall of the Museum of London Docklands on West India Quay and puts the listener/walker in the role of a visitor to 2019 London Docklands from a future in which the world’s coastal cities have been submerged beneath the sea. […]

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Aboriginal Diggers Soundtrail, Moree NSW (2015)

Walking piece - Soundtrails (The Story Project)

39 Greenbah Rd, Moree NSW 2400, Australia
Multiple locations

You are standing on sacred ground, Kamilaroi ground. Beneath your feet are the remains of 220 Aboriginal people, 120 children among them, many who never made their first birthday. Most here were buried here between the years of 1940 and 1968. This was at the height of segregation, opportunities for Aboriginal people were few and […]

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ACA Soundwalk (2016)

Walking piece - Atlantic Center for the Arts

Central Florida, FL, USA
Multiple locations

Saturdays at 11 AM Explore the sounds and rhythms of our urban and natural world. Each walk is beneficial for people of all ages to relieve stress, gain focus, and develop a deeper understanding of how we fit into the ecosystem of our environment. September 28 – Mennello Museum of American Art (meet at the […]

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An Umbrella for 2 (2012)

Walking piece - Stéphane Marin

Marina Bay, Singapore

“An Umbrella for 2” is a sound walk written contextually in response to a place and each time renewed in relation to the spaces and populations heard & encountered. A pair of listeners are invited to discover points of view and points of listening all along their journey through the public space. A sound umbrella […]

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