Unlucky in love? Try ‘Place-dating’

Just launched is a new place dating site where you can recommend urban places, spaces and streets that inspire romance. Find out where you can discover romance.

Linking up with national charity Living Streets, we have created the perfect place dating website.  And just what is place-dating? Place dating is when you recommend one place for your first date and your lover recommends another for the second date. Through the Romantic Ribbons website you can recommend a place that inspires romance, write a postcard enticing your lover to meet you there. They can respond with their recommendations too.

You will be sharing your recommendations with visitors to the Romantic Ribbons website and you can follow a trail between recommended places on our Google map of Romantic Ribbon postcards.  Later in the year, as part of the London Festival of Architecture, we will be devising and leading romantic walkshops to many of these recommended places.

Check this  Google map to read some of the entries.

The Romantic Ribbons initiative ran from 2006 – 2011. This article previously appeared on the Rethinking Cities website.