Romantic Ribbons America

Surely no one needs reminding that Valentine’s Day is all about romance? Rethinking Cities has teamed up with America’s leading advocates for better public space, the Project for Public Spaces, and together we are in search of all those places, spaces and walks that make us feel romantic.

We are launching Romantic Ribbons America with a new website encouraging visitors to wrtie a post card as if from the place they have recommended enticing others to join them there.  Already we have received recommendations of romantic urban places – here’s one recommending Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY – Robin entices us with this postcard entry:

Ride the Wonder Wheel with me, high above the salty sea, and gaze at twinkling lights and amusements. Let’s buy some cotton candy and I’ll hold your sticky hand, as we stroll past fortune tellers and balloon games. The air is cool and humid.

Check this Google mapto read some of the entries.

The Romantic Ribbons initiative ran from 2006 – 2011. This article previously appeared on the Rethinking Cities website.