Walking Sideways

Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking, producer of Talking Walking, has been invited to take part in the month-long Sideways 2012 Festival – a 334km trek across Belgium west to east int eh compnay of 30 walking artists.

Sideways 2012 is the brainchild of Andy Vandyvere of Trage wegen – literally ‘slow paths’ – an NGO promoting and devising cross Belgium and urban walking routes.  Conceived in 2011, and following through more than 15 months development, the logistics for the festival is awesome to produce a led walk of such distance which links 5 local walking and art festivals.  More than 50 NGOs have got involved, many contributing financial support or volunteer gifts in kind.

Andrew Stuck will chair panel discussions with artists at each of the 5 local festivals, under the banner of Talking Walking, as well as recording interviews with artists on the trek for later publication on the Talking Walking website.

“It is the start of our fifth anniversary celebrations as we recorded our first Talking Walking interview in September 2007.”

You too can take part in Sideways 2012 by following a blog, Facebook and on Twitter, but to add to the overall archive of recordings you are invited to leave a message on a voicemail answering the question:”What happened when you last walked sideways?

Simply call this number  +44 2071939783 or Skype andrew_stuck to leave a message – remember to say who you are, how you are inspired by walking, and what happened when you last walked sideways?  We will publish a slection of the recordings at a later stage.

Listen to Talking Walking – http://www.talkingwalking.net

This article previously appeared on the Rethinking Cities website.