Weaving wellbeing into neighbourhoods

Rethinking Cities presents a Weaving Wellbeing Walkshops.  The Walkshop (mobile workshop) involve a 90 minute walkabout with prompts to engage participants in discussion and observation, followed by an hour long debriefing session with local experts during which shared learning is encouraged.

You’ll explore how an existing neighbourhood can be refurbished to promote residents’ wellbeing and look at practical ways to incorporate and prioritise wellbeing in buildings and spaces.

There will be opportunities for joint working and shared thinking between the public health and built environment sectors.

Rethinking Cities has brought together experts to devise a training module for community leaders and stakeholders and professionals in the built environment and public health, of which these walkshops are an exciting taster. Walkshop participants will walk a route through a neighbourhood in small multi-disciplinary groups, supported by a range of innovative learning tools, that will enable them to observe and critique their surroundings as if through different lenses.

On returning to the start they will participate in a led debriefing by Rethinking Cities’ experts, sharing local knowledge and wellbeing wisdom.

The priority audience is those that are community representatives and executive officers in local authorities – spare spaces will be allocated more widely.

The walkshop and companion training course is a comprehensive response to the Royal Town Planning Institute and Faculty of Public Health’s joint call to education and training providers to develop courses for planners and public health professions to learn from each other – download their joint statement here.

This article previously appeared on the Rethinking Cities website