Tales of long walks

On Monday Andrew Stuck, Museum founder and Producer of Talking Walking, went to a talk by Satish Kumar at Alternatives, in Piccadilly, London. Now in his 80s, smiling and looking as young as ever, he spoke eloquently, about  how peace is a way of life not just an opposite of war. Explaining that he was inspired by Bertrand Russell, and the stop nuclear weapons campaigns, to undertake an 8000 mile walk from his home in India to visit the capital city of each the nuclear powers: London, Paris, Moscow and Washington – the latter walking the decks of the Queen Mary.  All done as an ‘Earth Pilgrim’ without money and relying on the trust and generosity of strangers.

One could say that walking has probably defined his life and he has certainly inspired many other people to walk in protest or in supporting various campaigns. He wrote a book about walking through Britain called “No Destination“, and in which he talks about how he came to set up the