Reclaiming the city – Los Carpinteros

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art have invited Andrew Stuck’s Museum of Walking, part of Rethinking Cities, to run ‘Reclaiming the city’ a ‘walkshop’ on Saturday 25 April from  2-4.15pm from the gallery and in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Havana comes to Hackney?  Join us on this inspirational walkshop to ‘reclaim the city’ and bring a bit of Caribbean cha-cha to this Hackney frontier.

To complement the Los Carpinteros’ exhibition at the Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, this participatory ‘walkshop’ explores the surrounding neighbourhood and invites you to ‘repatriate’ spaces.

Throughout this walkshop, we will stop, listen and observe encouraging participants to sketch, collect and create art on route. There will be discussion around themes that Los Carpinteros draw on including the use and control of ‘territory’ and the liminal spaces in our urban neighbourhoods.

Part audio, part photography with making and sketching all included on this walk this innovative workshop will act as a catalyst for 3D creative thinking, and encourage collaboration and discussion around the meaning of Los Carpinteros’ work. 

Visit the Parasol unit Los Carpinteros exhibition anytime betwen 25 March to the 24 May.

This walkshop has also received support from C’Art UK Fine Art Removers and Succeed in Languages.


This article first appeared on the Rethinking Cities website