Sound walking today. Listening in between lines of past and future. Mini-Symposium.

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Date(s) - 01/09/2019
3:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Black Swan Arts

Looking back to LISTEN , a summer season of sound, on its final day, and looking forward with Sound Walk Sunday on its first day in September 2019, Sound Walk Sunday co-producers Andrew Stuck (Museum of Walking), Geert Vermeire (Made of Walking) and LISTEN-curator Helen Ottaway lead a round table discussion about contemporary topics related to sound walking today.

Sound Walk Sunday is a worldwide platform for local events (placed in a global virtual space). LISTEN is a locally based event that embraces the global (between World Listening Day and Sound Walk Sunday 2019). Sound Walk Sunday as a global (virtual) event becomes local in Frome, and Frome’s LISTEN, a summer season of sound, becomes global on that day. The local and the global are interconnected in sound walking, and via this introductory topic both events will be  discussed by their producers/curator.

The round table will reflect furthermore on the future of sound walking. We are living in a planetary crisis (ecologically and socially). How does sound walking fit in this picture? How can sound walking (and its technology) connect us again with our environment, developed at this mini-symposium in shared reflections and by raising questions about listening walks and sound walks, augmented aurality and the ear, our (extended) body. Is it a paradox or an opportunity to live in a world of disconnection through technology, with (it seems) unending possibilities and create sound walks that connect with our environment and others?  Does it make sense to talk about a sound walking of the 21st Century – a sound walking of the anthropocene?
Next to the technology, sociology and ecology of sound, is there a politics of listening? Can attention for sound or silence have an influence on our society? Does sound walking invite to interculturality, community, alternative ways of communication, participation and imagining/thinking about our world.  Is sound walking activism, at the same time a gesture and an action?

For sound and other artists, walkers and other interested people (16 +)

If you would like to participate in the mini symposium, please email [email protected] with a sentence each on you and why you want to participate.’

Location: Round Tower Gallery, Black Swan Arts at 3.15 pm – 5.15 pm

Image: Stefaan van Biesen