On line meet up with Horatio Clare: Slow Radio – a new way of thinking about, making and listening to radio?

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Date(s) - 01/09/2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Opening event to Sound Walk September, hosted on our Walk Listen Create sister site.

Immersive sound walks have been around for a few decades, enjoyed by individual listeners or in small groups of listeners. Award-winning author and radio producer, Horatio Clare teaming up with the BBC, has hugely increased the audience for sound walks. His narrative combined with quality soundscapes recorded on foot in remote areas, has generated hundreds of thousands of new listeners to a phenomenon know as “Slow Radio”.

It began with a 3 hour broadcast of a walk to the Hay Festival, and since then Clare has walked in a German Forest, in the footsteps of Beethoven and more remotely the Arctic Circle in Greenland, and is soon to set off to the Faroes.

In 2018, Alan Davey, Controller of BBC Radio 3, announced permanent ‘Slow Radio’ sound walks: ‘A regular slow radio slot and our annual commitment to the pastime of walking are part of a deliberate effort to help people escape the frenzy of everyday life. We feel strongly about offering the public a mindful experience, a place, a haven, where they can lose themselves in audio and sonic experiences.’

Along with this Walk Listen Cafe conversation, you can join a panel discussion on Thursday 17 September, with Jeremy Evans and Andy Fell who make up the BBC Radio 3 team that records ‘Slow Radio‘ with Horatio Clare. Further details here

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