Hush City Soundwalk – Reading, UK

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Date(s) - 05/09/2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

St Mary’s Minster Church

September, 14th 2019, Reading, UK

Reference Person & Soundwalk Leader: Richard Bentley

Time: 18:00 – 20:00 (people can, of course, leave earlier if they need to)

Meeting: St Mary’s Minster Church, Chain Street, Reading, RG1 2HX

Ending: Chestnut Walk (nr. Forbury Road), Reading

Contact details: – Email: [email protected]

The Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks takes place in September 2019 in multiple cities worldwide to celebrate the Sound Walk Sunday 2019. Starting on September 1st 2019 and continuing during the month, 19 Hush City Soundwalks will be guided by different soundwalk leaders in multiple locations worldwide, using the Hush City app.

The Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks is coordinated by Antonella Radicchi in her role of inventor and manager of the Hush City app, and each Hush City Soundwalk is hosted and managed by the following reference persons & soundwalk leaders (in alphabetical order): Zoe Banks Gross, Chiara Bartalucci, Richard Bentley, Ana Villas Boas, Jeanine Botta, Paul Driscoll, Milena Droumeva, Sophie Gleeson, Marcos Holtz, Sarah Jones Morris, Linda Keane, Jordan Lacey, Eric Leonardson, Elaine Moraes de Albuquerque, Eugenio Morello, Rosa Maria Alsina Pagès, Emanuele Porcinai, Antonella Radicchi, Lau Siu-Kit Eddie, Sharon Stewart, Jerònimo Vida Manzano.

More on the Global Program of Hush City Soundwalks for Sound Walk Sunday 2019 and the Hush City app at:

Hush City app’s icon (c) Antonella Radicchi 2017