Sense Safari

We have been running Sense Safaris, for many years. These innovative walkshops (a walking workshop) were devised to let you discover more about your senses and how we sentient creatures evaluate our surroundings.

A little history…. we began with multi-sensory walkshops for urban designers and practitioners in the built environment, to help gain a better understanding of the places they were designing. We adapted these in creating Romantic walkshops, which as you can guess had a wider popular appeal.  We ran them as ice-breakers for Walk21 and other similar conferences and festivals in the UK and overseas. Outputs from them included postcards of places participants felt were romantic and these were published on the Romantic Ribbons website (now archived).

The Tempest – Peder Balke (c) National Gallery

We adapted them further when commissioned by the National Gallery to create a walkshop as an appreciation of Norwegian artist Peder Balke in 2105.  Subsequently we have worked with Kate McLean (urban smellscapes and sensory maps fame) to create seasonal smell walkshops in Greenwich, and in parallel we ran listening walkshops too.  We were selected by Airbnb to devise an exclusive sensory experience based on a Smell and Touch walkshop we had devised originally for families as part of London Tree Week in 2017 (commissioned by the Mayor of London).

Some months of the year, it is really too cold to enjoy smelling and touching outdoors, so we let some of our walkshops hibernate in winter.  However, we are always looking at ways in which people can have fun discovering more about themselves and there whereabouts through using their senses – so check in now and again as we may be offering something intriguing and usual for you to try.

Past Sense Safaris

Current but hibernating

Active Sense Safaris – you can sign up for these now!

  • ‘Hush hushh’ – creative adventures in listening to London

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