Sounding out Greenwich

Launched in autumn 2016 we ran a seasonal series of Sense Safaris:

We ran four “Sounding out Greenwich” listening walkshops and four “Follow your nose” smell safaris.  Here you will find some details of what took place on the listening safaris.

Sounding out Greenwich

Walkshops took place in November, February, May and August, at the same time and on the same day of the month.

Start: The Flower Hut, Greenwich Rail Station, Greenwich High Road, London SE10 9EJ

Photo credit: Paul cook – participant on our March sound safari

Sounding out Greenwich is an adventure in listening.  What are the sounds of Greenwich, later in the day or on a twilit evening – listening?

What does it mean to listen to the buildings, listen to the neighbourhood, listen to the surroundings?  Individually and as a group, walking partly in silence, you will explore how your sense of hearing is embodied and experience collective listening.

As children we learnt to ‘tip-toe’ – to move as silently as we could to create a sense of surprise.  We also learnt that by whispering it was harder to be overheard. ‘Eaves-dropping’ on others required stealth and for us to remain silent.

Listening Safari journal for Sounding out Greenwich

How often do we listen to the sounds we make ourselves, when standing still or walking? The sounds we make elicit responses from the environment through which we pass. These are sounds close by, but our hearing offers us the ability to hear sounds emanating or carried from further away.

As daylight diminishes our vision is reduced and our other senses are heightened.  What we hear may forewarn us or encourage us to move forward, but we are not at our most confident when out and about after dark. Togetherness may bring courage, through trust, but it also provides a collective way to listen and explore.


Each participant is given a journal to record their descriptions and feelings to the sound and soundscapes they encounter on a safari

On this Sense Safari, whether visitor, new to the area or long time resident, Greenwich will be revealed in a new way.

Still unsure and want to know what happens on a Listening Safari?

£20, Concessions £12  Book on line in advance:

The walkshop will be facilitated by the Museum of Walking’s founding director and Greenwich resident, Andrew Stuck, a Walking Creative and publisher of Talking Walking.  In 2015, Andrew was commissioned by the National Gallery to create Sounding out Peder Balke, a part audio walk and in 2014, working with Professor of Composition, Paul Newland from Trinity Laban devised an environmental sound walkshop for the Co-Lab Festival in Greenwich. Andrew also hosts First Monday: Sound Salons .

Sense Safaris will take place each season throughout 2016/17.

What participants told us on previous Listening Safaris:

What I like best about the event | What I found surprising | How much I enjoyed it and why?

  • Taking time to listen | How much I enjoyed focusing on sound not sight | 4 stars | An experience out of the ordinary
  • The unexpected in the familiar  | Eyes closed how soundscape changes | 4 stars | Full moon, still night, bright lights
  • The variety of locations | The sounds that happen around me that I don’t consider | 4 stars | It taught me to consider my surroundings more and the guide was thought-provoking
  • Exploring Greenwich, novelty, host | Changing soundscape | 4 stars | Nice group
  • Interaction & different | How easily we switch off to sounds | 5 stars | Great lead

Walking in Step with:

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