Reclaiming the City – Los Carpinteros

Saturday 25 April 2015 Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art

LC_Cabilla cabilla tríptico_2014_watercolourx

Los Carpinteros: Cabilla cabilla tríptico, 2014 Watercolour on paper 200 x 340.5 cm Private Collection Courtesy of Ivorypress, Madrid © Los Carpinteros

Havana comes to Hackney.  Join us on this  inspirational walkshop to ‘reclaim the city’ and bring a bit of Caribbean cha-cha to this Hackney frontier.

To complement Los Carpinteros’ exhibition, at the Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, this participatory ‘walkshop’ explores the surrounding neighbourhood and invites you to ‘repatriate’ spaces.  Throughout the walkshop, we will stop, listen and observe, encouraging participants to sketch, collect, and create on route.  There will be discussion around themes that Los Carpinteros draw on including the use and control of ‘territory’ and the liminal spaces in our urban neighbourhoods. Part audio, photography, with making and sketching all included on this walk, this innovative workshop will act as a catalyst for 3D creative thinking, and encourage collaboration and discussion around the meaning of Los Carpinteros’ work.

This event took place on the 25th April 2015 – here’s a taste of what you missed.

Do please vist the webpages of the Parasol Unit to visit the continuing exhibition of the work of Los Carpinteros: (ends 24 May 2015)

 Walking in step with:





Advice on choreography provided by       Carlos Cortes