First Monday: Sound Salon

6.15pm – 7.45pm Monday 3rd July, 2017 – Anderson Acoustics, 9 Baden Place, Crosby Row, London SE1 1YW

Join us for relaxed informal discussions about field recording, audio walks, soundscapeimg_7296 composition, immersive performances, geo-located media and digital live art performances, in which we share ideas, compositions and walks and explore how sound (and video) can contribute to an enhanced experience out and about on foot.

Taking place close to London Bridge, on the first Monday of July; this month’s Salon is all about ‘listening’; whether you are novice or an expert, producer, performer or interested participant, do come and join in.  Please note that as capacity is limited, bookings will be prioritised to those who contribute recorded work for Salon participants to listen to.

Our venue is within the London offices of Anderson Acoustics, it is an 8:1 3d listening suite.  It is equipped with LCD projector and screen. It can play mono, stereo and multi-channel pieces.
We have a maximum of 8x 4-minute slots for listening projects.  You may contribute a shorter or longer piece, however, if the latter, we may ask you to sample only 4 minutes.  After each listening project has been played, there will be 3-5 minutes for discussion, until the next piece is played.  Projects need to be brought to the venue no later than 6.00pm, and a description and context for the piece should be provided on the booking form, with details of duration and format as to how it was recorded and produced. Projects can be brought on memory sticks, if you want to present surround sound pieces, please bring your own computer an Audio Interface (MOTU 828) driver will be available.

This Salon event is to allow participants to share work-in-progress.  We are not expecting refined productions.  We will not be sharing the work beyond the Salon.

Bookings will be prioritised to those contributing projects to be played and discussed at the Salon. To help us establish what will be contributed we have set a project slot booking deadline of Thursday 29 June.  Any seats not taken will be offered to those not contributing.


  • There is no charge – all we ask is that you let us know if you are coming by registering.
  • On the registration form we will ask you to provide 2 sentences that we will include in the list of participants to be shared before the event – one sentence for you to introduce yourself and one sentence for why you want to come – this will help speed up introductions.
  • We will also ask if you are happy for your e mail address to be included along with your 2 sentences, to ease networking amongst participants.
  • If you would like to have a time slot run a listening project or make a presentation, please indicate this on the form. We will ask you to provide details including a description, context, duration, format and how it was recorded and produced.
  • Do please add any other information you feel may be pertinent, including works you may have composed, or themes you would like to have discussed.

The talkshop venues may not have technical provision for listening to recorded pieces – if you know of a venue that would offer such facilities every quarter, please let us know.

If you can’t make it, but would like to contribute the Sound Salon, then please complete this short survey:

Download SoundSalon_ResourceList_Mar17 shared at the March 2017 Sound Salon.

For the Festive period, we compiled a list of geo-located and audio walks offered in London from suggestions of Sound Salon supporters and the Museum of Walking community – you can download it here

Whose idea was it to start the Sound Salon?

Andrew Stuck – Walking Creative and publisher of Talking Walking – podcast interviews of artists and professionals involved in walking.

Nigel Bristow – Film Director and Lecturer in Film and Stage drama at Goldsmith’s, University of the Arts, London.

Ian Thompson – Lecturer in Sound Design at University of Greenwich

Thanks to Natasha Lohan, producer of the Nunhead Album for providing the name for these regular events.

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