Norton Folgate Lost

6.00pm Wednesday 11 November, 2015 Start: Liverpool Street Station – Bishopsgate exit (top of the escalators)

Following the success of Kings X Lost and Aldwych Lost, the Museum of Walking is delighted toNFLgrab announce that Tom Bolton, author of Vanished City and London’s Lost Rivers will accompany us on a tour of Norton Folgate.

Once a thriving parish, home to numerous street markets and soon to become the heartland of the Jewish East End, remnants of this neighbourhood are in little evidence.  That’s unless you are in the company of arch Lost Neighbourhood detective, Tom Bolton, who on this walkshop will draw us into Norton Folgate, to step out onto its once busy streets.

In recent years Norton Folgate has begun to develop a reputation as the last bastion against property-developer driven capitalism, holding out against the influx of high rise offices as the borders of Hackney and Tower Hamlets merge with the City of London.

e-1See familiar places from a new angle, discover hidden gems and vantage points to see into this neighborhood’s glorious past – let’s discover what has Norton Folgate Lost?

On-line tickets are the cheapest – if you introduce someone new to the Museum of Walking (or Tom Bolton) you and they get £1 cash back on the day. On-line: £15 / £10 NUS concession. On the day £20 Tom will be signing copies of his books. A special discount for the books will be made available to those on the walk.

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What participants told us:

What I like best about the event | What I found surprising | How much I enjoyed it and why?

  • The very visible contrast between old and new | History of London found along the streets | 5 stars | Interesting, Informative – Great walk!
  • The mix of history, fromRoman to Medieval – right thoughts 5 years ago | Pleasing mix of people | 5 stars | Perfect combination of interesting talking / engagement
  • Lots of history on the outskirts of the City | NF area to the west of L’pool St station | 5 stars | Informative & friendly

Walking in step with Tom Bolton