Aldwych Lost

AldwychLost-grabThursday 24 September 2015 Start 6.00pm-8.00pm Temple tube station, London WC2R 2PH

The Museum of Walking are teaming up with Tom Bolton author of Vanished City and Lost Rivers for London to create a participatory walkshop for you to uncover some of the hidden and overlooked layers of history that lurk in and around Aldwych.  Dessimated as much by Luftwaffe bombing as 70s architects, functions of the buildings and their facades of this area have fequently changed, some would argue for the better, others happen to disagree but let’s not tell you too much more, as on this outing you are going to be doing the investigation in the myths and truths of this extraordinary area.

See familiar places from a new angle, discover hidden gems and vantage points to see into this neighborhood’s (in)glorious past – let’s discover what has Aldwych lost?

On-line: £15 / £10 NUS concession. On the day £20. On-line tickets are the cheapest – if you introduce someone new to the Museum of Walking (or to Tom Bolton) you and they get £1 cash back on the day. Tom will be signing copies of his books. A special discount for the books will be made available to those on the walk.

What participants told us:

What I like best about the event | What I found surprising | How much I enjoyed it and why?

  • Talk about the Theatre district | The smell of London – 12,000 rotting corpses underground | 5 stars | Well presented, colourful, facts
  • Fascinating history that feeds imagination | What’s off the beaten track | 5 stars |Inspired to want to learn more about London’s history
  • Comparison of maps / real life | Tiny alleyways I had never seen before | 4 stars |Love the history, would like more visuals (hard when they’ve vanished, I know!)
  • Experiencing the areas in Tom’s book with additional background | Contrast between long modern fronts and back alleys | 5 stars | Informative an fascinating!

Walking in step with Tom Bolton