London’s Loss

As a city with a long history of development in the modern world, London has more than it’s fair share of surprises that one can stumble upon or that can be revealed while walking its many streets and neighbourhoods.  We like to share our curiosity and have collaborated with like-minded investigators, one such is author Tom Bolton, with whom we have co-created several walks.

tomboltonportraitWe met Dr Tom Bolton 10 years ago, and invited him to one of Rethinking Cities’ Conversations, and when we heard he was researching and writing a Walker’s guide to London’s Lost Rivers we invited him to be interviewed for Talking Walking.  That then led us to developing Lost Walks, first following the courses of London’s lost rivers, and latterly having Tom reveal lost London neighbourhoods.  Tom has recently been awarded a PhD from UCL’s Bartlett School researching railway lands and he is the author of these popular and intriguing books:

  • London’s Lost Rivers: A Walker’s Guide Volumes 1 & 2
  • Vanished City: London’s Lost Neighbourhoods
  • Camden Town: Dreams of Another London
  • Low Country: Brexit on the Essex Coast

Forthcoming walkshops:

To be announced

Follow the links here to find out about each of the Lost Walks that Tom has co-created with us:

Before the Museum of Walking had an on-line presence, Tom’s Lost river walks were hosted by Rethinking Cities – some of these links refer to that web archive.