Sound Walk Sunday 2019 – Who are the producers – Geert Vermeire

We are shouting from the roof tops about Sound Walk Sunday that launches on Sunday 1 September and runs throughout the following month. We thought it was only fair to give our co-producers and partners a chance to tell you a little about who they are and their interest in supporting Sound Walk Sunday.  First […]

Sound Walks at the British Library

Stella Wisdom, Digital Curator at the British Library Digital Archives, and Andrew Stuck, founder of the Museum of Walking hosted Exploring with Sound Walks at the British Library, on June 7, 2019. An opportunity for those already making sound walks, and for those wanting to find out more about how to create similar walks, to […]

One small step – celebrating the the 50th anniversary of the Moon Walk

One Small Step Watched by a global TV audience of over 500 million, astronaut Neil Armstrong was seen to clamber down the rungs of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module and say the words “that’s one small step for a man, giant leap for mankind”.  It had been a thrilling build up, all summer in 1969 […]

Sound Walk Sunday returns on Sunday 1 September

This week we have issued an Open Call for new walking pieces to be included in Sound Walk Sunday which this year will take place on Sunday 1st September and during the week following. Hand-held digital technologies are ubiquitous and add another dimension for the creative to work in developing enhanced walking experiences. We believe […]

Imagine pruning 4,000 fruit trees

400 years ago that little bit of London called St James‘ was an orchard – King James I brought mulberry trees (and other fruiters) from the Languedoc regions in France, creating a demonstration orchard, with which he hoped to encourage the ‘landed gentry’ to create their own mulberry orchards.  There are plenty of myths surrounding […]

Contested spaces and making places more walkable

Transfer of assets to the community is an expression we have encountered a few times this past week – sounds fairly inconsequential until you begin to unravel what this might mean, and who within the community will be the beneficiaries.  We listened to Bob Gilbert, author of “Ghost Trees” and former Islington Borough Parks officer […]