Tall Tree Stories

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IMG_5396Celebrating trees in London Tree Week!

  • 11.00am Monday 30 May 2016 Telegraph Hill – meet at the Hill Station cafe
  • 3.00pm Friday 3 June 2016 Brockwell Park – meet at the cafe at the grand house at the top of the hill

Fun for the family, but more so for children.  You get to hear about trees, some truths, some fibs, and have fun making up tall stories about them too.

Everyone has heard of an ‘old wive’s tale’ or two about a tree – here’s your chance to test your wits and your story telling powers – to discover which stories are tree or false?

60 minutes – accompanied children 7+ (siblings, parents and grandparents welcome)

Free event 





What participants have told us:

What I like best about the event | What I found surprising | How much you enjoyed it and why?

  • Being outdoors – good balance of information and fun! | Snicker bars aren’t made with hazelnuts | 5 stars – we learnt lots about trees!
  • Storytelling and walking out doors! Pleasure of listening to everyone’s stories | 5 stars – really fun, well paced, and very child friendly, just the right length for the kids.
  • Storytelling and writing | Storytelling and writing | 5 stars – to catch the nots – Aged 7
  • Writing the stories | If you talk to trees they grow | 5 stars – because it inspired me -Aged 6
  • Learning about trees what’s true or false | Finding out which were myths | 5 stars – it was such fun
  • Very interactive, good fun for little people | Learning new things about trees | 5 stars | Really good fun!

One Mum came to both: “We went to the previous one and loved it.”

The range of Tree / False questions, hearing the kids read out the questions, and giving them space to explore their ideas | The quality of the children’s stories | 5 stars | A lovely group of adults and children and a great outdoor writing opportunity