When the WOOD stands out from the trees

Congratulations are in order for the Museum of Walking‘s Co-creator, author Paul Wood who leads our Explorations into the Urban Forest walkshops that we launched back in September. 

Chosen by the Guardian as one of 2017’s best Nature books, Stephen Moss wrote “London Street Trees by Paul Wood (Safe Haven), .. adds a fascinating new dimension to any walk through the city.”

We still have a handful of tickets left, if you would like to join Paul leading our next Expedition from the Embankment to Holborn on Sunday 10 December from 10.30am at Embankment tube. Read more or Book now

Do you blog about walking?

We asked contributors to the Walking Artists Network if that’s what they did and we had over 50 responses – blogs are great for documenting walks, but they are also often used a part of the project planning process too.

Fine – we had a list but it wasn’t until Babak Fakhamzadeh created Iamthewalker.com that aggregates walking blogs into a fabulously easy to use website that we realised we were onto something.  What Babak has created is a great way for anyone researching walks, contemporary walking literature or walking art to find a source of inspiration.  And you too can now contribute your walking blog, simply by submitting it here.

So Babak has earned his spurs as a Museum Co-creator, and we are delighted to welcome him on board.  We are hoping to harvest his considerable skills in a reprise of Sound Walk Sunday and other adventures we are planning for the Museum and for our Talking Walking podcasts.

Talking  of Talking Walking podcasts, our latest episode of Talking Walking is an interview with Julie Poitras Santos.  She is currently exploring people’s sense of getting lost and the techniques they use to find their way again, both physically and metaphorically. In part she uses a labyrinth, and in our conversation, we discuss how group walking of labyrinths can bring clarity in thought and a strong sense of camaraderie, amongst strangers. The interview was recorded in August 2017 as part of “Made of Walking” at La Romieu in south west France.  We are walking on a warm summer’s day close to one of the entry points to the long distance pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago. 24’ 31” 11.5MB

From the the wider Museum of Walking community, Sound Walk Sunday contributor Nathania Hartley invites you to Tapping in to the City on Sunday 10 December from 2.00pm (so you can join her once you’ve Explored the Urban Forest!). Just click on the image below to find out more….

And finally a couple of nuggets from the world of walking…..

You have heard of Google Streetview – well why not give Forestview a go to plan your route through the New Forestsee the woods from the trees without leaving your desk.

Devised by Transport for London there’s a new toolkit to help implement Healthy Streets Consisting of three resources, the toolkit covers the whole process from initial assessment, through implementation, to evaluation.


All about walking blog posting is unpredictable – if it’s raining biblical downpours then a blog post is more likely to appear, in most other weather conditions we are out walking and not blogging on a keyboard…..