Sound Walk Sunday

We are looking at opportunities to build on the success of Sound Walk Sunday 2017 and are planning a Sound Walk Sunday for 2019 to take place on Sunday 1st September 2019.  In due course we hope to be announcing an Open Call and submission details .  

Sound Walk Sunday 2017 – globally celebrated outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances and sound walks.  Sound Walk Sunday was inaugurated at the Made of Walking International Festival at La Romieu, in south west France on the 27 August, 2017.  Although it is now passed, we are maintaining and updating the map and directory below – so please choose a ‘walking piece’ to try. If you want to submit a ‘walking piece’ – please click here.

We asked Geoff Sample, acclaimed bird song recordist, and author of the Collins Bird Songs and Calls,  to write an appreciation of Sound Walk Sunday and his approach to listening – read it here


Safety is of the utmost importance. These ‘walking pieces’ have been submitted by Third parties. We asked them not to choose hazardous routes, or to include defamatory content. We have not been able to check risks associated with the walks submitted – please take care. When using headphones / smartphone it is all too easy to become so absorbed that you forget about what is happening around you or where you are treading – please act responsibly.

The Sound Walk Sunday directory of walking pieces is set out in the following format:   Nearest town or City – Walking piece title – Artist / Producer – Duration – Publication – Category – Description. Click on Walking Piece title to reach the link to the Walking piece.

Before setting out, it is advisable to check whether the ‘walking piece’ is still available for you to use – you may need to download an app or a sound file – so do this where you have a good wifi connection.

SMALL PRINT made large – these ‘walking pieces’ have been submitted by Third parties, we have asked them not to suggest hazardous routes or risky activities, or to include defamatory content. Please act responsibly when using headphones – safety is of utmost importance.


Deep Time Walk – Robert Woodford – 90′-120′ – 2016 – audio, listening – Deep Time Walk enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to experience a 4.6bn year history of Earth. More..

DIY Primer for Soundwalking – John Levack Drever – 60′-90′ – 2017 – listening – Listen! Don’t feel you are being forced to unnaturally supress your other senses – just have a go at temporarily prioritising your sense of hearing.

DIY Soundwalks – Stephanie Loveless & Brady Marks – variable – 2008 – immersive, listening – designed to incite sonic explorations wherever a person happens to be, and at whatever time. More…

Follow the Echo – David Tidoni – various – 2016 – listening

Going for a walk – Dee Heddon – 31′ – 2014 – audio, listening – environmentalist discourses seem too readily and without awareness to place the unmarked, able body at their centre. More…

Let’s get lost – Bruce Mowson – variable – 2010 – listening – you are going to be lost with your eyes closed for a long period of time. More..

Listening Here: Albany, NY – Stephanie Loveless & Cristyn Magnus – variable – 2017 – geo-located, listening – a web-app for mindful listening delivering written instructions that encourage creative engagement with the sounds around you. This is a demo version to be used anywhere, from 1 September it will go live in Albany (see below)

Sonic Origami – Anna Berkenhof – variable – 2011 – immersive – a live experience that transforms the visual of a place into audio. More..

Soundwalk from Home – Hildegard Westerkamp – indeterminate – 1997 – listening

Wandercast – Robbie Z Wilson – 25′-40′ – 2016 – audio, immersive – seeks to tweak our relationship with the world by highlighting its playful potential. More..

While Walking – Pohanna Feinberg – variable – 2014 – audio, listening – active reflection through the experience of walking and inter-sensory engagement with your chosen environment. More..


QueenslandAurality – Leah Barclay – variable – 2017 – geo-located – exploring Queensland’s rainforests, rivers and reefs through music, sound and acoustic ecology. More…


Krems an der DonauWauchau Passerby – Nigel Brown – variable – 2015 – audio, listening – an altered perception of sound and environment through the introduction of a foreign body and a moment to reflect. More..


Yukon, WhitehorseSoundwalk Whitehorse – Chelsea Jeffery – 60′ – 2017 – listening  More..

Czech Republic

PragueWalking Sound – Andrea Dancer – 20′ – 2011 – audio, immersive, listening – a soundwalk comprising artistic and musical interventions some of which were recorded for the composition after the fact. More..

Prague – instamatic # 6: Prague – Jez Riley French – 72′ – 2010 – listening – an evocative representation of the rich filigree of sounds that came & went on walks. More..


La RomieuMade of Walking – the Milena Principle – 6 day Festival – 2017  More.. download the Festival programme in English or Francais

Marseilles – Inauguration de Points d’ouïe – desartsonnants – 60-120′ – 2015 – audio, geo-located, immersive – Faisons un PAS – Parcours audio Sensible ensemble, écoutons, choisissons de concert le Point d’ouïe idéal, inaugurons-le ! Encore..


Fruili – through Topolo – Pheobe Riley Law – 27′ – 2017 – listening – Walking to the top of the village, to the forest & back down following the one road linking the village to its neighbours. More..

SaluzzoWalls – Stijn Demeulenaere – 26′ – 2017 – audio, listening – Walls was commissioned by Art.ur for its PLAY IN project at La Castiglia di Saluzzo, a 12th century castle that was converted into a prison in the late 19th century More..

New Zealand

Auckland, Green BaySounding La Rosa – Arts Whau – 19′ – 2017 – listening – an afternoon of experimental improvised music around the paths of La Rosa Gardens by local musicians. More..


Lisbon – instamatic # 8: Portugal – Jez Riley French – 33′ – 2011 – listening – two walks be guided by sound trails that are transformed by the surrounding architecture. More..


BelgradeSavamala Riverbank Walk – Lisa Whistlecroft – 5′ – 2014 – audio – More..


Marina Bay – “An Umbrella for 2” – Stéphane Marin – 60′ – 2012 – audio – a pair of listeners are invited to discover points of view and points of listening all along their journey through the public space. More..


Zurich  Hero with 7 faces – Joel Cahen – 30′ – 2012 – audio, geo-located – the work conjures seven archetypes of the creative consciousness mapped out in a surreal 30min walk.  More..

United Kingdom

Abbotsbury – Land Bone and Stone – SATSYMPH – various – 2016 – audio, geo-located – set in the stunning South Dorset Ridgeway area, cited as one of Europe’s finest ancient ceremonial landscapes with its thousands of prehistoric monuments. More..

BelfastHero with 7 faces – Joel Cahen – 40′ – 2013 – audio, geo-located – a journey of the Individual Mind through the Biological, Social, Intellectual and Dynamic Minds. More..

BolsoverRyan – Simon Woolham – 17′ – 2016 – audio, geo-located, immersive – co-walkers walked around different locations, either physically or using Google Maps, guided by the co-walker’s own narrative. More..

BrightonThe Hum – Nic Sandiland – upto 120′ – 2017 – audio, geo-located – half cinema, half reality, the piece weaves together visuals of your location with a specially composed soundtrack on your smartphone. More..

Bristol – Romancing the Gibbet – SATSYMPH – 300’+ – 2017 – audio, geo-located – follow the feud between two aristocratic brothers in early 19th century Bristol. More..

BristolWalk with the Mayor – Andrew Stuck – 25′ – 2013 – audio – meet (now former) Mayor George Ferguson enthusiastically describing the creation of the “Brunel Mile”. More…

Cambridge – Play the City Now or Never – Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford – upto 120′ – 2017 – audio, geo-located, listening – when was the last time you walked backwards whilst thinking of the future? More..

CardiffFrom street sounds to dance music – Mike Fedeski – 19′ – 2017 – audio – rhythmic mixes of street sounds collected in Grangetown by residents, who were asked to sample distinctive sounds evoking impressions of their neighbourhood. More..

ChippenhamLacock Unlocked – Richard White – 40′ – 2014 – audio, geo-located – join twentieth century village post master, the real Harry Potter, and eighteenth century innkeeper, Martha Bramham in this walk through time. More..

Cwm IdwalTreffradot – Rebecca Horrox – 60′ 2015 – audio, geo-located – a new opera set in motion by a walking audience in the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia). More..

DorchesterThe Alternative Tour of Little Bredy – Bill Aitcheson – 35′ – 2014 – audio, immersive – a tour of the tours, real and imaginary, that cross a village. More..

FordhamEa, eau, eay, elt’ – Gudrun Filipska – variable – 2016 – immersive – offers a counter to grand male and colonial narratives of setting out and adventuring. More..

Isle of WightCarnival Trail Companion – Richard White – variable – 2014 – audio, geo-located – each of the sound parks offer a short walk through echoes of carnival accompanied by the thoughts and reflections of carnival organisers. More..

LewesLewes Castle – Joseph Young – 30′-40′ – 2017 – audio, geo-located. More..

London, BeckenhamBeckenham Place Park Soundwalk – James Wilkie & Daniel Ross, and Elena Terrones-Huet – 45′ – 2017 – audio, geo-located. SoundLab has created a free app to take you on an immersive soundwalk around Beckenham Place Park. It is based on stories gathered and shared by locals.

London, Bethnal GreenThe Bethnal Green Disaster Memorial Memoryscape – Toby Butler – 33′ – 2015 – audio, geo-located – interviews with survivors of the disaster at Bethnal Green underground shelter 3rd March 1943. More..

London, BrentfordChronomotive – Joel Cahen – 30′ – 2014 – audio, geo-located – describes the moment in the present when you realise you are the future self you projected from the past. More..

London, CamdenHero with 7 faces – Joel Cahen – 40′ – 2013 – audio, geo-located – merges psychogeography with psychoacoustics through composition. More..

London, CamdenBritpop Camden – Miranda Diboll – 80′ – 2016 – audio, geo-located – a nostalgia-fuelled jaunt around Britpop lalaland circa 1995.  More..

London, Camden – It must have been dark by then – Duncan Speakman – 75′ – 2017 – audio, geo-located, immersive – grab some headphones, choose a route and create a map of stories and sounds on this experimental literary audio walk. More..

London, CamdenHidden Traces-London – Gabriele Reuter & Mattef Kuhlmey – 60′ – 2016 – audio – all ages tracing the many identities of the ever-changing neighborhood between Euston, St. Pancras and Kings Cross Station in London. More..

London, CityAnd While London Burns – Platform – variable – 2007 – audio – (Recommended by Andrew Stuck)

London, GreenwichDockers – voices from the hidden history of the Thames – Toby Butler – 120′ – 2005 – audio, geo-located. This memoryscape explores the hidden history of London’s docks, once the busiest docks in the world. More..

London, Hampton Court (East Mosley)Drifting – voices from the hidden history of the Thames – Toby Butler – 120′ – 2005 – audio, geo-located. Cultural historian Toby Butler created a float out of driftwood and flotsam, then spent weeks following the float along the river, guided by the current. Wherever the float collided with the bank, he looked for someone to interview about their life and their relationship with the Thames.

London, Hatton GardenDiamond Street App – Rachel Lichtenstein – 45′ – 2013 – audio, More..geo-located – a journey through London’s historic jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden. More..

London, Homerton – Inside out Homerton – Laura Mitchison – 46′ – 2017 – audio, geo-located – explore birth, madness and creativity, inside and out of ‘The Institution.’ More..

London, LewishamHere Comes Everybody – Close and Remote – 20′-30′ – 2014 – audio, geo-located, immersive – a river walk story app along the River Pool in Lower Sydenham. More..

London, Notting HillGrenfell Tower Soundmap – Miranda Diboll – 30′ – 2017 – audio, geo-located – capturing the change in audio environment from Notting Hill to North Kensington and the immediate area surrounding the tower. More..

London, NunheadThe Nunhead Album – Natasha Lohan – 25′ – 2016 – audio, geo-located – tune in to the aural characters of this London suburb as imagined by one listener. More..

London, PaddingtonTapping into the City – Nathania Hartley – 60′ – immersive, listening – moving as one through the city space, listening to its sound and the sound of our feet. More..

London, PaddingtonExciting New Development Coming Soon – Molly Irwin Clark – 60′ – 2017 – audio, immersive – an invitation to distort your senses, mistrust your perception and question your position. More..

London, PoplarMemento Trinity Buoy Wharf – Olivia Bellas – 45′ – 2015 – audio – explore a creative quarter in the Docklands where cherry pickers sit alongside artists’ studios, where London’s only lighthouse shines over a 1940’s diner. More..

London, Royal DocksPorts of Call: Walks of Art at the Royal Docks – Toby Butler – 90′ – 2008 – audio, geo-located. Community based, artist-devised trails around the Royal Docks in East London. Features excerpts from audio recordings made by the project team along with archive recordings from Eastside Community Heritage.

London, Royal DocksCody Words Walk – Stephen Shiell – 12′ – 2013 – listening – a composition inspired by the natural, industrial and historical landscapes of the dock that sits on the banks of the River LeaMore..

London, StratfordEast Cast’s East London – Lucia Scazzocchio – 240′ – audio, geo-located – East Cast is a radio show on Resonance FM hearinterviews, features and sound pieces attached to a wide range of different locations all over East London. More..

London, StratfordCarpenters Road Lock – Penny Wrout – 60′ – audio – from the Aquatics Centre via the waterways around Carpenters Road Lock, talking about the history of the waterways here.

London, Victoria ParkVictoria Park Memoryscape Trail – Toby Butler and Lewis Gibson – 90′ – 2012 – audio, geo-located. History and memory based trail around a major park in East London. Download or audio players available from Victoria Park Visitor’s Centre.

London, WansteadMemento Wanstead – Olivia Bellas – 38′ – 2015 – audio – uses oral history recordings to piece together an identity for a public space fused with personal recollection and a nod to the future. More..

MarlboroughThe Wiltshire Ridgeway walk – Richard White – variable – 2012 – audio, geo-located – inspired by the photographs of Fay Godwin. More..

Peterborough –  Play the City Now or Never – Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford – upto 120′ – 2015 – audio, geo-located, listening – when was the last time you walked backwards whilst thinking of the future? More..

SouthendOneironaut – Joel Cahen – 40′ – 2015 – audio – can a conscious dreaming mind could share other people’s real waking experiences? More..

Southend –  Play the City Now or Never – Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford – upto 120′ – 2016 – audio, geo-located, listening – when was the last time you walked backwards whilst thinking of the future? More..

SouthendNet Park – Simon Poulter – variable – 2015 audio, geo-located, immersive, listening – a series of locative projects curated by Simon Poulter and developed by Metal with assistance from the Digital R&D FundMore..

Wakefield – Walk & Play YSP! – Rachel Massey – 90′ – 2017 – listening – experience and engage with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in fresh, imaginative and even mischievous ways. More..

Wells – A Song for Fifty Hearts by Duncan Speakman – Duncan Speakman – 20′ – 2008 – audio, listening (recommended by Artmusic) – the result of 50 walks around a chosen route. More..

WestburyWhite Horse walks – Richard White – variable – 2013 – audio, geo-located – discover the Wessex White Horses with sonic artists and historians. More..

WeymouthLachrymae – Artmusic – variable – 2016 – audio, geo-located – an immersive installation of sculpture and music was installed in Chapel Coppice on the South Dorset Ridgeway. More..


New York, AlbanyListening Here: Albany, NY – Stephanie Loveless & Cristyn Magnus – variable – 2017 – geo-located, listening – a web-app for mindful listening delivering written instructions that encourage creative engagement with the sounds around you, inspired by input from people who live in, work in, or visit Albany, NY. Available from 1 September

New York, TroyRiverfront Park Soundwalk – Andrea Williams – 20′ – 2014 – audio, listening – Musical elements, soundscapes and the actual environment intermingle in this soundwalk that is one of seven destinations that are part of the overall Troy Waterways Project. More..

Louisiana, New OrleansWalking the Treme – Denise Altobello – 60′ – 2016 – audio, geo-located – the birthplace of jazz, boasts a history of civil rights activism and jazz rhythms that lingers and inspires all who wander it. More..

Nevada, Black Rock CityBefore We Burn – Sara Zaltash – 60′ – 2017 – listening – taking Burning Man participants on a walk of the playa, before it is fully populated by Burners for the 2017 event. Walking for one hour, blindfolded. Recording the sound of the hour of walking, and sharing this recording online.

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We would like to acknowledge support in kind from Grant Waters at Anderson Acoustics. Grant is a team member of the Tranquil City project – check out there map of London’s calmer spaces.


We would like to acknowledge support in kind from La Milena principle and all those at the Made of Walking Festival at La Romieu, France – for hosting the inauguration event and spreading the word!

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