One small step – celebrating the the 50th anniversary of the Moon Walk

One Small Step

Watched by a global TV audience of over 500 million, astronaut Neil Armstrong was seen to clamber down the rungs of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module and say the words “that’s one small step for a man, giant leap for mankind”.  It had been a thrilling build up, all summer in 1969  the world’s media had been agog, climaxing with the world’s largest space rocket lifting off from Cape Canaveral on the Tuesday 16 July and by the Saturday the first Moon Walk had taken place.  Man had gone beyond….

So how can a Museum of Walking mark what is probably the best known walk of all?  Well we have chosen to invite you to put pen to paper and let your imagination get the better of you.  We have created a flash competition for stories of 50 words or under and an imaginative creative writing walkshop at which you can hone your skills.

Imagine what types of stories might be found in a “Lunar Library‘ or which stories you would take on a journey to the Moon.

10.00am-1.30pm Saturday 20 July Start: Beside the Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, London W2 3XA Read more and book

A creative writing walkshop for novice or experienced writers who want to learn more about ‘flash fiction’ an exciting short form of story telling which is growing in popularity.  Led by Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone, an accomplished writer and acclaimed writing tutor, you will be invited to draw inspiration from the space race to walk on the moon, that was achieved by the American crew of Apollo 11 on the 20th July, 1969.  The walkshop has been devised by Rebekah and the Museum of Walking’s founder Andrew Stuck, and follows a route, created by overlaying Kensington, London with a scaled map of Apollo moon landings.  Read more and book

Enter our ONE SMALL STEP FLASH WRITING COMPETITION for fact or fiction flashes of 50 words or under inspired by the first Moon walk, for which winners will see their work published in a limited edition illustrated chapbook anthology – details about the competition can be found here


The latest episode of Talking Walking podcasts brings you an interview with Horatio Clare.

Within striking distance of Hebden Bridge, as dusk falls, accompanied by his dog Freda, radio producer, presenter and writer, Horatio Clare takes Andrew Stuck on a ‘slow walk’ close to his home in an area known as Hard Castle Crags. Always alert to the nature that surrounds him, they don’t walk far before they stop, so Horatio can point out some creature Andrew had not as yet spotted and can’t identify.  In a candid conversation, Horatio shares his enthusiasms for slow walking and how it makes compelling radio listening, as well as talking about his writing about nature and travel, and how walking through the landscape are critical to his work. Listen here


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