Love in the city? Have you had a hand in designing for love?

Urban Casanovas know it’s on their doorstep, but do you know where to find it?

Did you know there are 38 streets in London that include the word love?  Still doesn’t really help though does it?

So, where are all those special places that touch our gentler souls, soften our hearts, enhance our romantic moments or just make us feel good?

We want you to help us to map all those romantic spots that you know of, or even had a hand in designing – from anywhere in the world.

Romantic weekend breaks are great, if you have the time and money to enjoy them, but what of all those special possibilities for romance on your doorstep?

Whether inspired by fiction, or your own experiences, we want to find all those magical places.  Where in a city strikes a chord with your heart-strings? Tell us where you feel romance is! Tell us which city landscapes unleash the lovesick poet in you. Propose your best proposal sites and let us know where you walk hand-in-hand, swoon and are swooned.

When we’ve found them all, we’ll share those places with you too.  So that the next time you want to inspire, or be inspired by romance in your city you’ll know where to start.

Simply use our on-line form to send a post card and drop us a line about the special romantic places you know…go on, spread some love around!

Check this Google map to read some of the entries.

The Romantic Ribbons initiative ran from 2006 – 2011.  This article previously appeared on the Rethinking Cities website.