A glossary of terms related to walking. Compiled by the community.

Glossary of walking art

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a jaunt, a rambling walk or ride just for the sake of breaking restraint. from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982). Many of these terms are from the 17th-century and were brought to Newfoundland with the settlers from England (the majority were from Wessex, mainly the counties of Dorset and Devon), and from Ireland (the majority were from a 30-mile radius of the city of Waterford). These terms survived here in Newfoundland after falling out of use in their original countries.
Submitted by: Marlene Creates

to walk: I'll hae ta geng noo afore hit's owre late
Submitted by: Janette Kerr

GPS Drawing
Drawing practices using GPS devices (GPS: Global Position System). Previously a planned route is studied. Although the drawing is done in the physical space, the creation must be seen through the applications that show those records, some of the best known are Strava, Wikiloc, Mapmytracks, Ramblr (depending on the countries). Also called GPS Art.
Submitted by: Verónica Perales Blanco

Guerrilla Geography
Tactical, radical, creative, unusual and/or surprising geographies that challenge people to think differently about their relationships with places.
Submitted by: Dan Raven-Ellison

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