Love Lunch 2020: Haiku Encounter

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Date(s) - 29/01/2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

The Hive


  • One. Marshal your thoughts
  • Two. Be creative at lunch
  • Three. Lined poetry

Get more creative with a Haiku Encounter – quickly gain confidence in observation and written documentation with fun and mind-stretching techniques. We choose haiku, the 3-line short form poem most associated with Japanese culture, as their brevity makes them easy to explain and an amusing challenge to write and recite.

  • Measure your success
  • By how little you compose
  • Brevity is good

Haiku can be read on two levels: literal and symbolic, so a simple description of a scene qualifies as much as a symbolic interpretation. The former is easily grasped by a novice haiku writer, so within a 45 or 60-minute walkshop, it is quite possible for them to progress to “not tell a story, but rather paint a picture with images”. Whether novice poet or accomplished author, we will introduce you to haiku, including their history, and by the end of the session you will be composing and reciting haiku. You will progress from telling a story to painting a picture with images.

  • Put fun into lunch
  • Compose, write, recite  and share
  • Your work with others

We also offer you the chance to see your haiku published in a zine anthology – a Haiku Encounter souvenir of the event. Haiku Encounter was first tested by Andrew in 2011 for a festival in Vancouver, and was reprised in 2016 when he was a Scholar in Creativity and Innovation at City University / Cass Business School, since then Haiku Encounter has been commissioned widely as an effective way to increase personal and team creativity.

  • Novice to poet
  • In less than an hour, untrue?
  • Come see for yourself

It’s time to learn to Love your Lunch hour again. Taking a break from your working day is proven to enhance a healthy lifestyle so Team London Bridge is providing a menu of FREE lunchtime options around London Bridge to get you out and about weekday lunchtimes throughout January 2020

What participants feedback about the event

Download the zine anthology  of haiku written by participants – print on 2 sides of paper and  download this handy crib sheet. on how to fold and cut your ‘zine.

Booking was via Eventbrite and managed by Team London Bridge. Your ticket is refundable on arrival. If you cancel your attendance in advance or simply don’t turn up on the day you will be unable to get a refund and the money will go to a local charity.

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