Explore the Urban Forest

Explore the Urban Forest with Paul Wood

Discover London’s surprising and diverse canopy! Join Paul Wood, author of London is a Forest (Quadrille, 2019) and London Street Trees (Safe Haven, 2017) to Explore the Urban Forest.

Paul (@TheStreetTree on Twitter [twitter.com/thestreettree] and Instagram [instagram.com/thestreettree]) is an artist and writer and was a Trustee of the London Wildlife Trust for six years until 2017. His engaging books about trees and urban nature, London is a Forest and London’s Street Trees have been critically acclaimed by the likes of the Londonist  and the Guardian , and so we’re extremely pleased to have Paul as co-producer and leader of a series of very popular urban forest walks.

According to a UN definition, 20% tree canopy gets you to forest status, and so London with 8.5 million trees is, officially, a forest. It’s an urban forest, and within it there are many different environments hosting thousands of species including hundreds of different tree species from all over the world.

On our hugely popular explorations in the urban forest with Paul, we focus on the trees, from semi-natural woodlands to those found on our streets and in our public spaces. Paul will tell about the trees, where they come from, who looks after them, how climate change influences them, along with the cultural and social history of urban afforestation.

You can purchase copies of Paul’s books on walks – the great news is that he has a new edition of London Street Trees, with lots of extra details, photos, walking routes for publication in May 2020.  He will also have copies of the Great Trees of London Map of which the publication is imminent (March 2020).  No need to bring cash, as he has a nifty card reader!

What participants told us on previous Exploring the Urban Forest walkshops: 

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