Between the Lines

We have a fascination with writers who draw from place.  It is probably something to do with the fact that as walkers we are out carving our way through space and experiencing places, one step at a time.  We are not great writers so really appreciate those who can write a good story and engage with readers.

We wanted to read more writing from such writers and create experiences on foot, to which we could invite others to discover that writing, as well as exploring places.  In addition, we wanted to generate discussion about the writer and their creative process too.

So we can be walking with others, sharing stories from engaging writers, we have devised “Walking: Between the Lines”, and we hope you will come and join us – choosing to read the writing that we are reading too – a Book Club on foot.

Part discovery of engaging writing, part discovery of place, and part discovery of the writer.

We are starting out on this new adventure in November 2018, running an event once a month.  We are open to suggestions on writing and writers who draw from place, so if there’s hero or heroine of your’s with whom you would like to go Walking: Between the Lines – just use our Get in touch page and we will try to schedule a walkshop, convenient for you.

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