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AMAZING Barking & Dagenham

AMAZING LONDON  – a project to make London more playful, was a finalist in an NHS London Social Innovation competition to encourage physical activity for all ages.  In part it is a play on words: A-maze-in-London, and Rethinking Cities has been spearheading the search for partners to develop the concept. Matt Wilson from Barking and […]

Unlucky in love? Try ‘Place-dating’

Just launched is a new place dating site where you can recommend urban places, spaces and streets that inspire romance. Find out where you can discover romance. Linking up with national charity Living Streets, we have created the perfect place dating website.  And just what is place-dating? Place dating is when you recommend one place […]

Romantic Ribbons America

Surely no one needs reminding that Valentine’s Day is all about romance? Rethinking Cities has teamed up with America’s leading advocates for better public space, the Project for Public Spaces, and together we are in search of all those places, spaces and walks that make us feel romantic. We are launching Romantic Ribbons America with […]

Poem “Horni-man” wins Urban Design Week prize

Rethinking Cities Ltd teamed up with the Urban Design Group to co-sponsor a romantic postcard competition during  Urban Design Week 2008 – people were asked to write a postcard enticing readers to visit an urban place, space or walk that they recommended as being romantic. We were delighted with the response – some wonderful places were […]

Love in the city? Have you had a hand in designing for love?

Urban Casanovas know it’s on their doorstep, but do you know where to find it? Did you know there are 38 streets in London that include the word love?  Still doesn’t really help though does it? So, where are all those special places that touch our gentler souls, soften our hearts, enhance our romantic moments […]

Romantic Urban Narratives

Territories Imagined: International Perspectives (or TRIP for short) is the UK’s leading festival of psycho-geography and takes place at Manchester’s Metropolitan University from the 19 -21 June 2008. Andrew Stuck from Rethinking Cities will be presenting a paper in which he explores romantic urban narratives from post cards sent via the Romantic Ribbons initiative. Over […]

Romantic Toronto

To coincide with the Walk21 Conference in Toronto in the first week in October 2007, Rethinking Cities conducted a romantic ‘walkshop’ in which participants discovered what elements go to make places and walks romantic. In addition, the Toronto Design Exchange hosted an exhibition panel that included text from Romantic Ribbons e post cards. Canada’s National […]

In love with Isabella

So, where are all those special places that touch our gentler souls, soften our hearts, enhance our romantic moments or just make us feel good? Rethinking Cities Ltd are currently mapping romantic hotspots in cities across Europe, running an on-line Romantic Ribbons competition in which people recommend urban places and let their creative juices flow, […]