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Join south London artist, Rachel Gomme on “Undergrowth” an investigation in to the natural growth amid the concrete, brick and asphalt of two of south London’s neighbourhoods. It provides a chance to reconnect with the natural within the city, and with the human body as part of nature. From carefully planted trees and well-maintained flower […]

Look up London in May

As a participant in a Look Up London walk, you get the chance to see London’s Skyline in close up.  Every participant gets their hands on a pair of binoculars and are offered the best vantage points to view the roof tops and building facades of London’s iconic built heritage.  First trialled in the City […]

Pop in Debates – the High Street

Exclusive debates run by Rethinking Cities and University of Greenwich Organised by Andrew Stuck and Dr Noha Nasser Our next debate will take place at the Deptford Lounge with future debates taking place at other high street locations across London.Deptford has claims to London’s most diverse shopping street, offering three different markets and a range […]

Planning for Public Health in Lambeth

Under the theme of “mental wellbeing and public space” members of the Lambeth Wellbeing Network undertook two exploratory walkabouts and a series of participatory activities at their annual conference that focussed on how to bring borough planners and NHS public health professionals together to embed wellbeing in regenerating Lambeth’s built environment. Facilitated by Andrew Stuck […]

JR meets QR

John Ruskin would have been intrigued by the discoveries made on the Clerkenwell Cobbles walk led by Martin Fidler, creator of the Ruskin Walk, for not only were the origins of granite setts revealed but also a digital code or two.  Andrew Stuck, from Rethinking Cities and Martin have devised a series of four Ruskin […]

In search of the UKs most walkable neighbourhoods towns and cities

Liveability, sustainability, best for business, are all lists annually published that purport to inform us about our neighbourhoods, towns and cities.  However, we at Rethinking Cities & the Museum of Walking have been investigating how to measure civility in our urban and suburban surroundings, and a core element that comes out from our research so […]

Loved up London

Walking beside the river, with views of the Palace of Westmisnter, the sun setting, and the sound of the traffic – that last bit cannot be right?  It is true, traffic noise and the smell of diesel are the two most intrusive things to ruin a romantic walk – that’s what participants on the Loved […]