Sound Walk Sunday

Sound Walk Sunday – a chance to globally celebrate outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances and sound walks.  Designated to take place on the last Sunday in August, Sound Walk Sunday will be inaugurated at the Made of Walking International Festival at La Romieu, in south west France.  We are not funded as yet, although people are volunteering time and effort.  If you are able to support the project through a financial contribution or by volunteering time and effort, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Safety is of the utmost importance. We have not been able to check risks associated with the walks submitted – please take care. When using headphones / smartphone it is all too easy to become so absorbed that you forget about what is happening around you or where you are treading – please act responsibly.

Like the map above, our Directory listing is also in draft but you can view it here.

If you would like to submit a “walking piece” – please use the form you will find here, but please be aware that we may not be able to include it in time for Sound Walk Sunday on the Sunday 27 August.

Walking in step with:

We would like to acknowledge support in kind from Grant Waters at Anderson Acoustics.


We would like to acknowledge support in kind from La Milena principle and all those at the Made of Walking Festival at La Romieu, France – for hosting the inauguration event and spreading the word!

Download the Festival Programme in English or Francais and follow events on their Facebook page.