Stalking Trees


The ‘Hardy Ash’, Old St Pancras Churchyard, London Photo: Peter Coles

We are not “tree huggers” but we do love trees, for we feel that they contribute more to our urban neighbourhoods than they detract.  Urban trees are a hardy bunch, able to absorb not only natural hazards, but also man-made pollutants, restoring the quality of air we breathe, and providing habitat for many species of wildlife.  Many trees have witnessed significant changes to their surroundings, so as our cities expand, some trees are threatened by development, others are planted to create new vistas, shade and shelter.

For several years, we have been getting people to share their knowledge and stories about trees, and more recently, with the help of urban naturalist, photographer and writer Peter Coles, we have ‘stalking trees’ to discover more about individual species and specimen, and how they can be photographed in different seasons.  Discover trees we have already stalked and sign up for our next Stalking Trees adventure:

Our next Stalking Trees adventure:

Stalking Trees: Migrants, mulberries and silk weavers

Monday 15 May 11.00am – 1.00pm Start Christ Church, Spitalfields