2017 Tree Week Pub Quiz

For your Pub quiz – how about choosing a few in-tree-ging questions?

We are working on behalf of the Greater London Authority who each May run a festival of events to celebrate trees and woodlands in London.  This year London Tree Week runs from Saturday 27 May to Sunday 4 June and includes 60+ events many of them free, for Londoners to get out and enjoy trees.

If you are a pub that runs a quiz, we would welcome your support in encouraging your locals to celebrate trees. We have compiled a wickedly quizzical set of questions, for you to include in your next pub quiz.

To make sure we are not letting “cats out of bags” – to get hold of the questions, we ask you to complete the contact form below – so we can be sure it’s a genuine pub that’s requesting them!  What we will send you in return are 3 documents: the Questions (40 of them), 5 images to be used in a picture round, and one with the questions and answers.  Please don’t forget to mention London Tree Week when introducing the questions.  And a BIG thank you for taking part.

Want a flavour of the questions?

1. Where did Winnie the Pooh live?

2. Where does the term “by hook or by crook” come from ?

3. Which fruit tree commonly grown in Britain originates from Kazakhstan?