Guide to our events

What you can expect from a Museum of Walking event:

Event Guide Our walks and walkshops step into four different categories to make it easy to select which event suits you the best. There will be overlap between the walks but we hope this guide will help to distinguish and individualize each one.

  • Discovery Curious to discover new places and new ways of seeing the familiar? Then these walks will appeal to you. An example is our Look up London, binoculars in hand, soar to great heights and be amazed at what you discover.
  • Curated – eitherArtist led walkshops: expect to develop your artistic palette. We trace the history and culture of our environment bringing the past into the present. creating art along the way. An example is our Ruskin Walk where you will follow in the footsteps of John Ruskin tracing his creativity and influence on our lives. Or: Artist inspired walkshops: expect to discover a new artist and to observe a neighbourhood through the lens of that artist. An example is “Sounding out Peder Balke” – a part audio, part sketching, part bricolage walk in which we evoke the landscape of Norway through which lesser-known 19th Century landscape artist Peder Balke walked.
  • Technique Getting to know the nuts and bolts, the ‘nitty gritty’, familiarising yourself with ‘the rules of thumb’, or learning the ‘inside track’ are all things you can experience on one of our Technique walkshops. We bring along an ‘expert in the field’ and facilitate the learning environment out and about on foot in the big outdoors.  Our Technique walkshops are entertaining, informative and fun. You get to ‘brush up’ on a new skill, get a few pointers to improve your technique, meet people who are equally interested as you  in getting the best out of things. These walkshops are guaranteed to stimulate the mind and always attract an interesting crowd. An example is Walk the Dial where we walk you through how to get the best from your camera. Led by professional photographers. Expect to come away with new insight into a photographer’s eye and some great pictures.
  • Field Walks These include walkshops for practitioners and professionals working to improve the walking environment – Walking Geography in the making. This is where we incubate ideas and develop practical guides and toolkits. Are you Museum or Gallery educator, an app or games developer? Then we run Field Walks in which we test out apps, games and learning resources in the field. Mainly by invitation only. Are you a community champion or professional working to improve your local neighbourhoods? These walkabouts bring you all together as a ‘Show and Tell’ and offer insight into improving public space. From the development to the final walk, we find inspiration and get the creative juices to flow. Mainly by invitation only.  An example is our Light & Dark Walkshops in which we look at places in daylight and then repeating the same walk after dark.  The purpose is to build a compendium of knowledge and experience of how to design places so they are attractive, functional and safe environments for all. This workshop will appeal to professionals working in the built environment and in design and architecture.

Walkshop An entertaining and fun participatory walk that will include either learning a new skill or making or creating something. These walks offer an artistic interpretation of the topic subject. Writing, drawing and sketching are common artistic threads that draw the fabric of the walk together. These walkshops are guaranteed to stimulate the mind and always attract an interesting crowd. We also offer guided or self guided walks, usually in an urban environment.

Please be aware that when participating in one of our walks or walkshops, photographs will be taken – to document what has taken place and that may be used in our publicity. Please make sure at the start of the event you attend, if you do not wish to have your image taken.  We also seek feedback from participants – immediately after a walkshop we will generally distribute cards on which we ask you about the experience you have had and whether you would recommend one our walkshops to a friend. We may e mail you later to gather further feedback as you reflect back on the experience.

Archive of Walks and Walkshops

Talkshops offer opportunities for audience participation

Conversations: Hugely popular events, these intimate gatherings join participants with a guest speaker to discuss topics of interest and enquiry. Numbers limited to 10.

Talk the Walks: Here everyone is the panel, lively discussion on keen and pertinent topics. These are a variety of events for professionals or those who have a keen interest in the built environment, public health and transport. Our popular networking meetings begin with quick fire introductions followed by lively debate on current thinking. A great opportunity expand your contacts and meet the people who matter. Numbers at Talk the Walks are limited to 40. Booking essential. These events are always well attended and have gained respect and loyalty from participants.

Archive of Talks and Talkshops

Do get in touch if you have a subject you would like to deliver and we can support you to develop it into a Conversation or a Talk the Walk.